Frequently Asked Questions

About the location

Question: What is the difference between Pia Resort and Pia Marine?
Answer: Pia Resort is situated on a quiet gentle hill nearby the main hotel road and close proximity to Duty free which is a great area for shopping. Pia Marine is located along Marine Drive and is a convenient area to utilise your motor vehicle to travel around the Island.
Questions: Is it a walkng distance to the beach?
Answer: It takes approximately 8 minutes walking distance to the closest beach from Pia Resort. It takes approximately 30 minutes walking distance to the closest beach from Pia Marine.
Question: How far is from the airport?
Answer: It takes about 8 minutes from the airport and the taxi fare is about $25 for both locations.
Question: Is there a convenient store or a supermarket nearby?
Answer: There is a convenience store (ABC Store) which is a walking distance from Pia Resort. There is super market at 2 minutes distance from Pia Marine.

About the facility

Question: Are there any restaurants?
Answer: Pia Resort has a Japanese cuisine restaurant and Pia Marine has a buffet restaurant.
Question: Do you have a coin operated laundry facility?
Answer: Washers and Dryers are each $2 per load at Pia Resort. Washers are $2 and Dryers are $2 per load at Pia Marine.
Questions: Is there a swimming pool in the hotel?
Answer: Pia Resort has a 15 meter pool and Pia Marine has a 25 meter pool with a children’s pool.
Questions: Is parking free?
Answer: Yes, it is.
Question:Is Wifi LAN access available?
Answer:Pia Resort and Pia Marine has free Wifi LAN access in the lobby area.
Question: Is there a security guard?
Answer: There is an on-site security guard from 9:00pm till early morning.

About short term rental(daily, weekly and monthly stay)

Question: Do you provide housekeeping services?
Answer: Housekeeping services are provided twice a week. However we do not wash the plates and glasses in the kitchen area (except throwing the trash in the kitchen).
Questions: Will there be linen and towel replacements?
Answer: Twice a week, however we will provide you with new linens and towels should you contact the reception desk.
Questions: What kind of furniture will be in the unit?
Answer: A dining table set, living room set, TV and twin size or king size beds based on an occupancy of four people.
Question: What are the kitchen and bathroom equipment and amenities?
Answer: Rice cooker, coffee maker, microwave oven, stove with oven , refrigerator and a sink is equipped. In addition, pots, frying pans, knives, forks spoons, can openers and wine openers are available inside the unit. Bathroom amenities include a hair dryer, soap, shampoo, conditioner, towel (bath towel and face towel) and the shower is a hand shower.
Question: Do you accept credit cards?
Answer: We accept most major credit cards only for short term hotel customers.
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